Friday, September 30, 2011

Light Strands in My Room!!

So I've been totally inspired by the wonderful people of Tumblr and all their images of light strands (idk what to call them, Christmas lights?) in their bedrooms, on their walls, and such such.

Random pictures from Tumblr lol

So. I decided to put some on my wall.. (After the break!)

Not my best pictures but these were all I had that actually showed the lights

 I completely get why people do it!  They add like an ambiance to the room, the lights are white but they're like, warm lights.  They feel cozy and they remind me of cross processing filters and lomo filters and all the filters like those.  They're so pretty.

What do you think? :) Have you ever wanted to do this? You totally should if you do.  It's awesome.

Thank youu!, byee!

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